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Minimum order is now $300!!

News & Announcements!  7/18/2014

GE-TM Price reduction! For a limited time take $10 off any GE-TM vials. There is no limit, you can order as many as you want and the $10 discount is on all GETM products!!

Saizar Labs Gear depot is proud to announce the addition of Saizar Labs! The finest pharmaceutical lab specializing in hormone compounding.

Saizar labs is an independent fine chemical company known for its stellar quality and long standing reputation for purity in their products. We feel confident you will find Saizar labs and their product line 2nd to none. As we tested this product line we were impressed by the analysis provided by this company on every raw hormone they used to create their finished products. When we asked for an analysis of each product it was given to us within 24 hrs. They let us know that each new batch of raw product is tested 2 times before its brought into the clean room. This eliminates any issue of under dosed or ineffective finished products. Saizer has been producing fine chemicals since 1984. You can find more info on Saizar labs and their background at their website

Kaballero Labs is here! This line has been a work in progress for some time now. We are at the tail end of the 3rd stage of testing and I am excited to announce that we can sell this most recent batch. These tabs are overdosed by 20%. the var tested at 67.3mg, the D-bol, and Stanz tabs both tested at 65.5mg. As we have more control over this line I can tell you these are legit claims. The Stanz, and dbol are sold in 100ct pack (these are overloaded to 110 tabs per pack), and the Var is sold in 50 ct packs, (overloaded to 55 tabs per pack). We are happy to announce we will have this line fully stocked for the foreseeable future. We are adding several new orals to the line up of Kaballero tabs including Nolvadex, Proviron, Cialis, and Anadrol. We expect these new tabs to unveil by the beginning of sept.

Kaballero products are here to stay, give them a 'shot' and you'll never go back!


NEW Grey top HGH kits!!

We are happy to announce the Grey tops have passed the 3rd stage of testing. These are great kits and we're excited to be able to carry them. The HGH powder in the vials are 'pucked' in the bottom, thus keeping the HGH more stable. These are the same Grey tops that are going around right now and receiving great reviews on the forums!

1 kit = $260
2 kits = $500  ($250/kit)
3 kits = $$720 ($240/kit)
4 kits = $$920 ($230/kit)
5 kits = $$1100 ($220/kit)


**POTENT** HGH Blue top 100 iu -in stock!-

These are very potent blue top kits. We have tested several kits from every batch we receive and they are testing out great for us! There are many blue tops out on the market, but these are the real deal. We have completed over 15 serum tests from product testers after using these Potent blue top kits and they are all coming back in the 26-70ng/ml iff levels about 400ng/ml.

Potent Blue top kits = $270/kit!


Riptropin Is back in stock but only in limited quantities. If you want to order you better hurry as supplies will go fast!

GD Testing Team and Testing products... We are dedicated to bringing you the best performance enhancing products. Our testing & research TEAM constantly evaluate our products for potency and purity. we take this very seriously. we know there are plenty of poor quality products floating around being sold by other sources. Here are gear depot we back up everything we carry and sell. We are constantly testing, and re testing new batches of gear to ensure we are selling top notch products.

All Rohm gear is being marked down to clearance prices. Get it while its cheap!

Eq 400mg. reg $85, now $65!!
P.C.T. reg $135, now $100!!
Triple X 80mg. reg $125, now $90!


FREEBIES!!! We have selected some overstocked products to give away as 'Freebies' for ordering specified dollar amounts. Please understand that you must reach this dollar amount before shipping is added into the price to take advantage of the freebie.

Order over $500 and receive= 1 FREEBIE!!
Order over $700 and receive=- 2 FREEBIES!!
Order over $850 and receive = 3 FREEBIES!!
*(You must order the above amounts in product, s/h does NOT count towards the

Es" TO CHOOSE FROM:>>>>>>>>>>>>

Kaballero Cialis 25ct. sample pack.
IP nolvadex 20mg 100ct
IP Clomid 50mg 100ct
1 HMG amp 75mg


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